B1G4 a.k.a Boy 1 , Girls 4

Assalamualaikum to all the readers of my blog!! Today, I would like to introduce someone to u.... Someone that had shared their moments with me, and as a friend, I am very appreciate them and very grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me time to make a friend...

Below are their autobiography (written by me, not sure they are all true) :D

first, I will introduce the G4...

1. Nurul Iman
skill: very smart in all subjects (huh? really?!!)
personality: a. tall person
                b. skinny
                c. wear a pair of spectacles
                d. funny girl
                e. loves ANIME
                f. PMR candidate 
p/s: my bestfriend since we were 9 years old... such a long time, right? thing that I like the most out of her is she always help me to finish the homework that I cant do... huhuhu~

2. Nur Hidayah
 skill: draw anime/ cartoon
personality: a. short person (x de la pendek sngt, tinggi cm aku je..)
                b. funny girl
                c. loves k-pop (same like me.. :P)
                  *addicted to SNSD's Im Yoona
               d. PMR candidate
p/s: I started to know her when I was in the 6th grade.. and we started to become close friends since that moment..

3. Fathima Zahara
   26/01/1997 (coming soon!!)
   skill: dont know yet...
   personality: a. height (a little taller than me)
                   b. loves k-pop
                   c. funny girl
                   d. a straightful person (a.k.a lurus bendul)
                   e. PMR candidate
p/s: I didn't had much to tell you about her, cuz she always started her day with Hidayah and end it with her (in school..)

4. Alia Syakira
   birthdate?? (forgot!! T_T) -mianei~<3
   skill: same as Iman.. (I think so..)
   personality: a. short person (haha.. dont make me laugh... sorry Alia)
                   b. smart little person
                   c. teacher's daughter (her mom works at the same school as us)
                   d. PMR candidate
p/s: haha... she is my 2nd closest friend after Iman, the thing that I like about her is she know how to create a cheerful siuation.. such a cute girl....

Then the B1 a.k.a boy 1 (huh, who's that??!)

Fareezuan Zulfikri
birthdate?? dont know..
skill: dont know...
personality: a. tall guy
                b. wear a pair of spectacles
                c. funny person
                e. addicted to Siti Nuraishah (my oldest sister)~ just as brother and sister
                f. Faris Hilmi's younger brother
                g. my sister's bf (really? haha, I cant believe it!)
                h. PMR candidate
p/s: Wow, look how much I describe him to u... I still didn't know much about this guy, cuz we started to become friends at the end of year 2011.. Wish we know each other better, next time, OK?? -my ODDbrother-

Tamat sudah cerita tentang dorang.. Kalau korang perasan, out of us, there's something similar there... (PMR candidate?? -yeah,that's right!) Haha,tahun ni giliran kitaorang pulak untuk berhdpn dgn peperiksaan ni.. (meremang bulu roma aq...)
*doakan kitaorang sume dpt straight A +++ tau.. (ade ke tripple '+' ??) Amin, ya robbal alamin... SEKIAN, Assalamualaikum....